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Q.What is Carminder?

A.Carminder incorporates GPS receiver for pin-pointing asset location, and GSM/SMS mobile phone part for communicating this and other data to another mobile phone or personal computer.

Carminder is a complete system. It has its own mobile phone number and SIM card.
To administer Carminder you send commands using SMS from your PC or mobile phone.

Q.How accurate is GPS?
A.Carminder employs a 16 parallel channel receiver which enables fast time to first fix. GPS accuracy is within 10 meters 95% of the time.

Q.What happens if the vehicle is taken under cover?
A. If the vehicle is moved under cover then Carminder will remember the last known location and time. In this case it would be about 1 second before the vehicle went under cover. Carminder in most cases will still be able to report back to your phone this information.

Q.How secure is Carminder?
A.Carminder is PIN code protected. It is also a good idea not to divulge the number to your Carminder. Once You have registered your phone with Carminder and changed your PIN (by using SMS commands PIN & NEWPIN) your carminder is ready for use.


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