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Housing Material: Extruded aluminum.

Dimensions: 160 x 78 x 35mm

Weight: 300 grams

 Power Consumption: Max 100mA @ 12V

 GSM radio: Sony Ericsson / Nokia handset pre-installed into aluminum enclosure.

GPS antenna: 3V active, magnetic base, 5 metre cable, SMA connector.

  • Embedded GPS engine

16 Channel Sony baseband processor

All-In-View Navigation

Differential corrections supported.

VS7001 Pure CMOS Front End and the Sony CXD2931R Baseband chip.

Signal Sensitivity: -133 dBm or less

Positioning System: WGS84

Velocity: 500 km/h

TTFF (Time To First Fix)

Hot Start (time, position, valid ephemeris, and valid almanac) 7 to 20s

Warm Start (time,position, no ephemeris, and valid almanac) 33 to 50s

Cold Start (time,position,no ephemeris, and valid almanac) 35 to 60s

Reacquistion Time (Tracking loss recovery time)

  • Loss < 5 minutes 2 to 6 seconds
  • Loss > 5 minutes 6 to 10 seconds

UBD map grid reference data

UBD data for: Brisbane,Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, ACT, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth.

EMC compliance

This product complies with CISPR22 class B as required for sale in Australia & New Zealand . Subseqently this product bears the A-Tick mark.