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Wiring diagram

External GSM Antenna

For fringe recepetions areas we recommend the use of an external antenna. This is an on-glass 8 dB gain antenna which is virtually unnoticable.

Optional external antenna pack


Installing Carminder can be as easy as connecting just two wires. However if you are wanting to take full advantage of the available features then you will need to connect up to 9 wires.



Outputs used for controlling things such as central locking must be connected to the negative terminal of a 12V (100mA max) automotive relay.


Arm and Alarm inputs can be connected directly to your existing alarm system or directly to ignition and sensors. Panic input can be connected to a momentary push switch or even to an airbag / impact sensor.


Backup Battery

It is highly advisable to install a SLA  (Sealed Lead Acid) backup battery. This will ensure that the Carminder will continue to operate if an intruder manages to disconnect your vehicles battery.

GPS Antenna

Install the GPS antenna as high up under dash as poosible. The GPS receiver will work through plastic and fibre glass but not metal.