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Q.What is a geofence?
A. geofence is a geographical area with a radius that is defined by the user. Carminder allows you to create 10 invisible fences each of variable size anywhere in the world. As soon as your vehicle enters the defined area, you are notified via SMS. Examples include being notified if your vehicle enters a suburb or city, worksite etc. Or perhaps if your vehicle goes to a location where it is not authorized to be, such as most 4WD hire company which prohibits vehicles going on the beach (for insurance reasons).
Carminder also includes a user definable geofence which can be set to notify the owner when their vehicle leaves a given area.

All geofences are easily administered via PC or mobile phone. Each geofence has it’s own label that you set.

Q.Where do I find the latitude and longitude co-ordinates to create geofences?
A.There are several ways, you can use internet web sites such as, UBD CDROM, Magellan MapSend. Alternatively if your vehicle in the area which you want to create a geofence then you can use the ‘HERE’ parameter.

Q.What happens once a geofence is breached?
A.If your vehicle travels into geofences 1-9 then you will be notified via a text message what fence was breached. That particular fence will then be disabled. To re-enable the geofence you can use the command GEOON 3, where 3 is the fence that was previously entered and disabled. To re-enable all geofences you can use the command GEOALLON

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